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Accessing JHU core facilities is easy

Not all of our core facilities are live in iLab but you can still find them all here.

To see a complete listing of our iLab and non-iLab cores,

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iLab Cores at Johns Hopkins University

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bloomberg Flow Cytometry and Immunology Core

Tricia Nilles, MS 410-955-4825
Non-iLab, SPH Core Facilities

Barbara Daily

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Non-iLab JHU KSAS Facilities

Jerry Hicks 410-516-6418

Cores at The Johns Hopkins University Whiting School of Engineering

Other cores at Johns Hopkins University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext

non-iLab Cores at Johns Hopkins University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Basic Science Network Office

Jim Hull 410-283-5623
BD Immune

Joseph B. Margolick, MD, PhD (410) 502-3111
Bioassay Core

Larua Guitierrez,MD 410-550-1468
Biophysical NMR

Dr. Ananya Majumdar 410-516-8670
Biostat Consulting

Rick Thompson 410) 614-2661
Cell Sorting

Joseph B. Margolick, MD (410) 502-9688
Center for Computational Biology

Steven Salzberg, Ph.D 443-287-5624
Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy 410-502-7325
Center for Infection and Inflamation Imaging Research (Ci3R)

Sanjay K Jain, MD 410-614-9051 or 410-614-3051
Center for Inherited Disease

Jane Romm, M.S. 410-550-7042
Centralized Services for Metabolism Research

Susan Aja 443-287-7671
Chem Core

Alan Long 410-516-5552
Chemistry Mass Spec

Phil Mortimer 410-516-5552
Chemistry NMR

Joel Tang, Ph.D.
Chemistry X-Ray Facility
Chien Service Center

Yufan Li 410-516-8092

Dan Reich 410-516-4773
Computational Biology Consulting Core

Steven Salzberg, Ph.D
Computational Medicine Core

Pawel Kudela, Ph.D 443-287-8637
Genomic Analysis and Sequencing Core Facility

Anne Jedlicka
Graphic Arts in the School of Medicine

Elaine Gerstenfeld 410-955-0552
Helium Reliquifier Service Center

N.Peter Armitage 410-516-0214
HIV Analysis Core

Joseph B. Margolick, MD, PhD, Facility Oversight (410) 955-4825
Homewood Photography

Dr. Stephen Smee (410) 516-7097
ICE Confocal Service Center

Yuan Cai
Image Stream

Joseph B. Margolick, MD

Frank Barksdale 410-614-6650
Instrument Development Group (IDG)

Dr. Stephen Smee (410) 516-7097
JHU SOM Microscope Facility
Johns Hopkins Biological Repository (JHBR)

Homayoon Farzadegan, MD
MRI Research Service Center

Hugh Wall, RT; PH
Multiphoton Imaging Core

Dwight Bergles 410 502 7858
Murine Mutagenesis Core

 Xinzhong Dong 410-614-3858
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research

Susumu Mori, Ph.D 410-614-2702

Brian K Mohr 443-287-1587
Parasite Core

Godfree Mlambo

Norman Barker, MS, MA, RBP 410-955-3843
PET Service Center

Michelle Willett
Physical Sciences Machine Shop (PSMS)

Dr. Stephen Smee 410-516-7387
Radiology Research Core

Laurie Pipitone
Ramen Spectroscopy Service Center

Natalia Drichko 410-516-5390
Reference Histology Laboratory

Lois Anderson (410) 955-3620
Research Animal Resources

Robert J. Adams, DVM 410-955-3273
Ross Flow Cytometry Core Facility

Zack Wang, Ph.D. 410-955-7852
SKCCC Bioinformatics Shared Resource (BISR)

Helen Cromwell 410-955-4884
SKCCC Biostatistics Shared Resources (BiostaSR)

Helen Cromwell 410-955-4884
SKCCC Cell Processing & Gene Therapy (CPGT)

Victor Lemas
SKCCC Cell Therapy Laboratory

Victor Lemas
SKCCC Research Pharmacy
Small Animal and Cardiovascular Phenotyping and Model Core

Dr. David Kass
Small Animal Imaging

Martin Pomper
Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Susumu Mori 410-614-2702
Stem Cell Core Facility

Hyesoo Kim, Ph.D. 443-287-8627
Synthesis and Sequencing Facility

Jodie Franklin 410-955-2739
Synthetic Core

David Meyers
Transgenic Core

Chip Hawkins 410-614-3858
Wilmer Imaging and Microscope Core Facility

Mary Ellen Pease, MS 410-502-1263
Zebra Fish Core Center (FINZCenter)

Dr. S. Leach 410-502-0157