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Transgenic Mouse Core


The Transgenic Core offers a range of services to the Hopkins community to assist researchers with developing new mouse models, importing models and cryopreserving existing mouse lines.

These services include:

Plasmid and BAC microinjection
CRISPR injection to make targeted mutations
ES cell microinjection to make targeted knock in and knock out mice models including KOMP B6 ES injection
ES cell targeting
ES Cell derivation
Cryopreservation of embryos and sperm
Rederivation of lines from sperm or embryos


Chip Hawkins




Roger Reeves




725 N. Wolfe Street,915 WBSB

Baltimore, Maryland 21205

Links and Resources

  1. Transgenic Core Laboratory Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Chip Hawkins
Facility Manager/Microinjectionist