High Throughput Screening (ChemCORE)

High Throughput Screening Services

As a screening center for the NIH Molecular Libraries Probe Centers Network (MLPCN), Johns Hopkins ChemCORE is a well established high throughput screening facility which has carried out 100+ projects for drug discovery community.

ChemCORE provides a variety of services and expertise with automation and detection capabilities to make drug discovery process streamlined and fast:

  • Screening with in house large libraries: NIH collection (300,000 compounds), ChemBridge Diverse Set (50,000), CNS Set (50,000), ChemDiv Set (100,000)
  • Screening with FDA approved drug collection for possible repurposing/repositioning
  • Pilot or proof of concept screening with special smaller libraries: MicroSource Spectrum (2,000) and Sigma LOPAC(1,280)
  • High throughput ion channel test: special expertise with membrane protein targets
  • Assay development and implementation: cell based and protein based assays, on 96/384/1536 well format
  • Automating many processes other than compound screening: RNA-Seq, MODLI-TOF, large scale sample preparation and reformatting
  • Genomic Resources: collections of Ultimate ORFs, human/mouse shRNA clones, and YKO strains (order online: http://hitcores.bs.jhmi.edu)
  • Support letter for grant application
  • Equipment user training

Advanced Instruments

  • Tecan Safire²™ multimode microplate reader: luminescence, florescence, polarization.
  • Analyst GT plate reader: high throughput
  • BD Pathway™ 855 Bioimager: high speed automated cell imaging
  • FDSS6000 and FDSS7000 System: florescence/luminescence kinetic reading
  • Ion Channel Reader 8000: atomic absorption
  • Ionworks Quattro, 2 units, high throughput automatic patch clamping.
  • QPatch, high resolution automatic patch clamping.
  • Epic ™ System: label-free detection on 384-well format
  • Liquid handling automation, more than 5 workstations for wide range of volume for 96/384/1536-well plates


Jun Liu, PI



Alan Long, Manager






Sr. Engineer



Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday  

9am - 5pm

Miller Research Building 346

733 North Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland 21205

Links and Resources

  1. ChemCORE Facility
  2. ChemCORE Services
  3. ChemCORE FAQ


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jun Liu
Hunterian 516
Alan Long
Lab Manager
MRB 349
Hongyu Xu
Sr. Research Specialist
MRB 372