The Rheumatic Disease Research Core Center (RDRCC)

Overview of Services

This core is a novel resource that provides essential infrastructure to collect unique and valuable sets of samples (eg, serum, DNA, RNA) from well pedigreed patient cohorts.   Additionally, this Core offers a range of assays designed to detect autoantibodies and other analytes in patient sera, and to immunostain tissue sections to visualize specific proteins. Our mission is to facilitate innovate studies on Rheumatic diseases.   We are committed to ensuring high quality sample collection, processing and immunoassays with a rapid turn around time.


Available services include:

1)    Processing of Serum, Plasma, DNA, RNA and PBMCs from whole blood

2)    A wide range of assays to detect autoantibodies, including ELISA, immunoprecipitation and immunoblotting

3)    Immunostaining of tissue sections

4)    Assays to detect analytes


Details of each of these can be found by going to the “Request Services” tab, and selecting “Request a Service” in the dropdown menu.


Livia Casciola-Rosen, PhD - Director  
Location: MFL Bldg. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300 
Phone: (410) 550-1890


Laura Gutierrez, MD - Manager
Location: MFL Bldg. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300
Phone: (410) 550-1468

Location and hours of operation


Monday - Friday

8:00am - 4:00pm 


5200 Eastern Av
MFL Bldge. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300
Baltimore, MD 21224


Name Role Phone Email Location
Laura Gutierrez, MD
MFL Bldg. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300
David Hines
Research technologist
MFL Bldg. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300
Qingyuan Yang, MD
Research technologist
MFL Bldg. Cntr. Twr. Suite 5,300