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Overview of Services

Center for Translational Molecular Imaging (CTMI) at Johns Hopkins is the first Academic Research Organization (ARO) created to develop, and bring to

patients, the best new imaging and therapeutic agents that make possible the vision of individualized medicine. Representing the collaboration of several

departments, CTMI addresses unmet medical needs in areas including cancer, cardiovascular disease, as well as brain diseases in psychiatry and neurology (e.g.,

Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, autism). Nimble and focused on clinical uses, CTMI will rapidly usher many discoveries made by Johns Hopkins scientists, and their

collaborators in industry and elsewhere, from lab to clinic.




Rehab A. AbdAllah, MB BCh

Sr. Administrative Manager

Viragh Office: 410-955-4042

JHOC Office: 410-955-6615


Hours of Operation and Location

Hours        Location



       5510 Nathan Shock Drive     

       Baltimore, MD 21224

Links and Resources



Name Role Phone Email Location
Martin Pomper, MD, PhD