Response Evaluation Criteria In Solid Tumors (RECIST) and Special Imaging Reads/Non-RECIST Response Evaluations

Overview of Services


Since 2006, Johns Hopkins Department of Radiology has offered special research radiologic reads, including reads according to various RECIST guidelines, as outlined in research cancer trial protocols.

We have a staff of six radiologists, licensed in CT – Body/Neuro and MRI radiologic reads, who perform these reads. This service, largely, but not exclusively, extends to varying RECIST guidelines, to include - RECIST 1.0, RECIST 1.1, modified immune response, immune response, lymphoma specific reads, as well as Lugano/Rano criteria, as required by oncologic research study protocols.

We currently have 105 oncology research trials requiring special reads/RECIST reads.

The RECIST reads require an EPIC order (CT RECIST IMG4013 and MRI RECIST IMG4222), and an email request for the RECIST read to Gale Christensen.  A radiologist will then be assigned the read, and will dictate a RECIST specific report (in EPIC) the study can use as a source document, and will complete a tumor measurement form (TMF), which is a word doc or spreadsheet documenting the findings in a form format.  When complete, the report and TMF will be forwarded to the person who initially requested the special read/RECIST read.


How to request a RECIST read on Johns Hopkins images* 

  • Place an order in EPIC using CT RECIST IMG4013 or MRI RECIST IMG4222. 
  • Send an email to Gale Christensen with the following information; Study J#,  Date of CT scan/MRI scan to be read, Patient’s name and MRN, If the timepoint is a baseline/new baseline, or follow up RECIST.


How to request a RECIST read on outside images

  • Place an order in EPIC for 2nd opinion read using IMG9500. 
  • In the comment section state “No 2nd opinion read needed; RECIST read needed only (IMG4013 or IMG4222). 
  • The Radiology Svc Center (7-7378) will upload the patient images.  As above, send an email to Gale Christensen with the information previously outlined



Gale Christensen

Senior Research Program Supervisor

RECIST Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

     Monday - Friday     


     601 N. Caroline


     Baltimore, MD 21287-0813



Name Role Phone Email Location
Gale Christensen
Core Manager
JHOC 3122
Dr. Elliot Fishman
JHOC 3252