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Overview of Services

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Robert Wood, MD

Program Director


Corrine Keet

Associate Program Director


Shaneeta Scott- Research Nurse

Acting Nurse Manager

(410) 614-7346,


Facility Staff

Ishear Townes - Phlebotomist

Bloomburg 9 North

(410) 614-6365,


Celandia Alston- Patient Service Coordinator

Bloomburg 9 North

(410) 614-6365,


All Clinical Research Units

Liz Martinez - Sr. Research Nurse

Patient Care Liason

(410) 614-6323,


Nicole Cooper- Sr. Administrative Manager

Sr. Administrative Manager, ICTR Human Subjects Core, Clinical Research Units

(410) 550-1880,

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location


1800 Orleans St/Bloomberg Building 9 North

Baltimore, MD 21287

Links and Resources

  1. Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Nicole Cooper, BS
Sr. Administrative Manager