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SKCCC Glassware Washing Core

Overview of Services

Routine services that are provided by Glassware Washing Facility are washing, material

wrapping/preparation for sterilization, pipette plugging, accommodating individual investigators’

customized washing and preparation needs, centralized autoclaving for liquid media, laboratory

materials and biohazardous material.

  • Autoclaving
  • Pipettes – washing, sorting, plugging and autoclaving
  • Sterilization Service for Liquid Media
  • Wrap/preparation for Sterilization
  • Custom Washing Service by request


Erika Weaver


Phone: 410-502-9544

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

7:30 - 4:00PM

1550 Orleans Street, CRB I, RM G41

Baltimore, MD 21287





Name Role Phone Email Location
Erika Weaver
CRB 1, G9
Kay McNair
Glassware Tech
CRB 1, RM G41

Fixed Cost Services

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