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SKCCC IRAT Core (Image Response Assessment Team)

Overview of Services

a) Consultation and guidance on the proper choice, design and use of radiological imaging studies in clinical trials.
b) Expert reviews of clinical protocols to assure that the radiological imaging protocol and analysis plans are appropriate for the chosen task.
c) State of the art prompt and accurate assessment of tumor response using standardized anatomic and metabolic response criteria, including RECIST 1.1, PERCIST 1.0, New Functional MRI parameters (ADC mapping, PK-DCE, MRSI, and others).
d) Image archival, data de-identification, and data import/export.
e) Developing documents, protocols and forms to assist in studies performed at one or multiple sites.
f) Regulatory guidance on radiation exposure and molecular imaging agents.
g) Improving collaborations among cancer center investigators and imaging specialists in quantitative imaging.

Inquiries email:


Faculty Director: Michael A. Jacobs Ph.D.

Facility Director: Jeffrey Leal, B.A.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location



550 Building

Suite 300



Name Role Phone Email Location
Michael Jacobs
Faculty Director
Traylor 330
Jeffrey Leal
Facility Director
410 502-3273
550 Building, Suite 300

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