SKCCC Immune Monitoring Core (formerly Human Immunology)


Overview of Services

The Immune Monitoring Core provides a broad range of assays to evaluate the cellular immune response to support clinical trials and preclinical studies.  Services available include Multiplex/Luminex cytokine analysis, ELISPOT and FLUOROSPOT (2-3 color).  The Core staff has extensive experience in assay development and optimization.  We can provide technical consultation and support to assist with assay design, the selection of reagents and data analysis.  Along with our colleagues at the Flow Cytometry Core, we continue to expand our capabilities to use the latest immune monitoring technologies to evaluate the cellular immune response. 

For studies involving immune assays, the Immune Monitoring Services (IMS) staff receive scheduled fresh or frozen specimen from the Central Procesing Services staff and perform high-quality immune analysis, including ELISPOT, FLUOROSPOT, multiplex cytokine assays and data analysis according to study requirements. The IMS supports clinical trials and preclinical research with real-time immune analysis of specimens.



M.Victor Lemas, Ph.D. |  Faculty Director

Christopher Thoburn | Operations Director / Core Manager


Location and hours of operation

 Monday - Friday 8 am - 4 pm  
 CRB1 Room G26  

Acknowledgement Policy

This Core is supported through the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center National Cancer Institute P30 CA006973 Center Grant. 

Cancer Center members should reference CCSG funding (NCI CCSG P30 CA006973) on all cancer center publications where SKCCC Core services are used. 

Acknowledgement of the core facility in all publications which utilized the service of the core is customary and appreciated, as it is used as a metric in determining future funding.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Christopher Thoburn
IMC Operations Director / Core Manager
410 955-8568
Jennifer Gizzi
IMC QA/QC Specialist / Staff
410 614-3604
CRB1 RM 1M90

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