Bloomberg Flow Cytometry and Immunology Core

Overview of Services and Equipment

Analytic Flow Cytometry and Immune Function Laboratory

The purpose of our Facility is to offer researchers:

  1. Technical expertise, training, and intellectual input in immune-related studies; and
  2. State-of-the-art instrumentation

We offer a wide array of flow cytometry, cell sorting, and other services in our BSL2 or BSL3 CLIA-certified laboratories. We encourage interdisciplinary research and routinely work with scientists from different disciplines and with varying levels of experience.

Services Overview

  • Consultation
    • Experimental design
    • Selection of appropriate immune markers and assays
    • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Training (Trained users have 24/7 access to equipment)
    • Flow cytometry, compensation, gating, data analysis
    • Immune monitoring assays
    • Instrument use
  • Contract research
    • Assays conducted by our trained staff
  • Assisted and Unassisted Cell Sorting (see below) 

Equipment Overview:

  • Flow Cytometers:
    • Becton Dickinson Lyric
    • Becton Dickinson Symphony A3
    • Becton Dickinson LSRII
    • Amnis Imagestream MKII
  • Unassisted Cell Sorters:
    • Becton Dickinson Melody
  • Quantitative PCR:
    • BioRad Digital Droplet PCR
  • Multiplex Biomarkers:
    • Luminex MagPix 200
    • Luminex LX200
    • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Sector 2400
    • CTL Analyzer ImmunoSpot
  • Data analysis station
    • Tools for offline analysis

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Cell Sorting Laboratory

The cell sorting services are carried out in a BSL3 laboratory and can sort infectious and clinical specimens, such as those containing HIV, SIV, parasites, and other biohazardous agents. Free bacteria and fungi can also be sorted by special arrangement.

Services Overview:

  • Single and bulk cell sorting
  • High-speed sorting, up to 10-20 thousand per second with low abort rate and high purity and viability.

Equipment Overview:

Two high-speed MoFlo sorters capable of detecting 17 different fluorescent signals

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Joseph Margolick, MD PhD



Jay Bream, PhD



Location and hours of operation




Name Role Phone Email Location
Tricia Nilles, MS MBA
Flow Cytometry, Lab Manager
Hao Zhang, MD MS
Cell Sorting, Lab Manager