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Reference Histology

Overview of Services

The Reference Histology Laboratory is a Surgical Pathology Laboratory providing the primary routine histology services for Autopsy, Cytology, Renal Pathology and the Medical Archives Office within the Department of Pathology.  In conjunction with the Pathology Send Out  and Archives divisions, this laboratory provides histology for clinical trial requests, scientific study or interest involving pathology materials.

Fee for service histology is also provided for JHU researchers, investigators and physicians, smaller laboratories or for individuals seeking histological services and/or technical expertise. Services are provided for both human and animal tissue samples.

Services include:

  • Complete routine paraffin histology services, including processing and sectioning 
  • Special stains, including but not limited to: carbohydrates, connective tissue, fats, lipids, microorganisms, nuclear elements, pigments, silver techniques 
  • Immunopathology slide preparation techniques (does not include staining)
  • DNA slide preparations 
  • Frozen tissue sections 
  • Oversized tissue processing and sectioning 
  • Histopathology teaching sets 
  • Customized procedures, at your request



Jonathan Epstein, MD
Medical Director

Carla Rivera Colón
Clinical Laboratory Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Lab hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5: p.m., EST

600 N. Wolfe Street

Pathology Building 708

Baltimore, MD 21287

Links and Resources

  1. Reference Histology Website


Name Role Phone Email Location
Marquise Taylor
Laboratory Coordinator
Pathology 708
Destiny Davis
Ilab admin
Pathology 708
Tia Middleton
Ilab admin
Pathology 708