Non-iLab, JHU SOM Core Facilities

Overview of JHU SOM, Non-iLab Cores

This is a listing of SOM Cores which have not yet implemented iLab.  The roll out of the non-iLab cores will occur over a period of two years.  As cores implement the iLab management program they will move from this listing to the cores active in iLabs.


The core service listing includes contact information for each core. Click on the core website to access the core.



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Name Role Phone Email Location
Shawn Franckowiak, MBA
Director, OFRR


JHU School of Medicine, Non-iLabs Cores' Service Listing

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Art as Applied to Medicine (1)
Basic Science Network Office (4)
Center for Image-Guided Animal Therapy (1)
Center for Inherited Disease (CIDR) (3)
Center for Interdisciplinary Sleep, Research and Education (CISRE) (1)
Computational Medicine Core (1)
Coordinated Services for Metabolism Research (1)
DNA Diagnostic Lab (DDL) (1)
Genetic Resources Core Facility Core Store (1)
Graphic Arts in the School of Medicine (1)
ICE Confocal Service Center (1)
MRI Research Service Center (1)
Metabolomics Program (1)
Multiphoton Imaging Core (8)
Murine Mutagenesis Core (8)
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research (1)
PET Service Center (1)
Pharmacology NMR and MS Facility (4)
Radiology Research Lab (1)
Research Animal Resources (1)
Small Animal Imaging (1)
Small Animal Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (1)
Synthesis and Sequencing Facility (5)
Welch Medical Library (1)
Wilmer Imaging and Microscope Core Facility (1)
Zebra Fish Core Center (FINZCenter) (1)