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Overview of Services

The Genetic Resources Core Facility (GRCF) is a Johns Hopkins service center providing research expertise, products, and services for the study of the human genome. We strive to streamline services such as sample collection, cell line establishment, cell line authentication, cryogenic storage, DNA isolation, oligo and gene synthesis, methylation testing, both Sanger and next-gen sequencing as well as genotyping from handfuls to millions of variants. The GRCF can also help with project design and custom assay development for DNA based studies.  


We are a part of Johns Hopkins Genomics and function as three units: the Core Store, the Cell Center & Biorepository and DNA Services.  This site is for ordering some of the services offered by the DNA Services unit.  Other services, including next-gen sequencing, may be ordered on our Genesifter server.  The Cell Center & Biorepository and the Core Store maintain separate ordering sites.


Roxann Ashworth - Co-Director (Blalock)
Phone: 410-614-0702
Location: Blalock 1004

Laura Kasch-Semenza - Co-Director (LHP)
Phone: 410-614-3830
Location: 2760 Lighthouse Point East, Suite 201, Baltimore, MD 21224

General questions should be addressed to the DNA services contact point:; 410-955-2836.

Other Contacts

General Lab contact - Blalock Location
Phone: 410-955-2836


Oligo order questions - Blalock Location
Phone: 410-955-2836


General Lab contact - LHP Location
Phone: 443-287-7948

Location and hours of operation


Location:  600 N. Wolfe St. Blalock 1004. Baltimore, MD 21287

Hours: Monday - Friday : 7am - 4:30pm


Location: 2760 Lighthouse Point East, Suite 200. Baltimore, MD 21224

Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:30am - 4:30pm 

Samples for the LHP location may be dropped off at the Blalock location or one of our remote drop box locations.


Remote drop off locations:

  • Bayview: Core Store 24/7 machine, Asthma & Allergy Building 1st floor, slot F63
    • Samples must be dropped off by 11 AM daily.  Pickup time is dependent on Core Store staffing, but will never be before 11 AM.
  • CRB1: Core Store 24/7 machine, slot A63
    • Samples must be dropped off by 3 PM daily.  Pick up time is dependent on Core Store staffing.  If samples are picked up early, there will be a sign in the drop box that indicates that the pickup has already occurred.


Links and Resources

  1. Genetice Resource Core Facility Website
  2. DNA Services
  3. GeneSifter 
  4. GRCF Upcoming Events
  5. GRCF LinkedIn...Follow Us
  6. GRCF Customer Feedback


Name Role Phone Email Location
General Lab contact
Blalock location
Blalock 1004
General Lab contact
LHP location
Lighthouse Point
Oligo order questions
Blalock location
Blalock 1004
Roxann Ashworth
Blalock 1004
Laura Kasch-Semenza
2760 Lighthouse Point East, Suite 201, Baltimore, MD 21224
Breon Beech
Lab Manager
Blalock 1004

Service list

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DNA Isolation (8)
Digital PCR (1)
Genotyping - Illumina - GWAS (42)
Genotyping: Non-Human (1)
Genotyping: Specialized Content Options (8)
Methylation Array (1)
Pipette Services (3)
Sequencing (2)
Taqman Open Array Gene Expression chips (7)