Non-iLab JHU KSAS Facilities

Overview of Services

The KSAS facilities listed below have not implemented iLabs. Click on the facility's name to access its website for more information.

Biophysical NMR - Primary contact: Ananya Majurndar,, 410-516-8670

Center for Molecular Biophysics - Primary contact: Katherine Tripp,, 410-516-3518

Chem Core - Primary contact: Alan Long,, 410-516-5552

Chemistry Mass Spectrometry - Primary contact: Phil Mortimer,, 410-516-5552

Chemistry NMR - Primary contact: Joel Tang,

Chemistry X-Ray Crystallography Facility - Primary contact: Maxime A. Siegler,, 410-516-8569

Cleanroom - Primary contact: Dan Reich,, 410-516-4773

Helium Reliquefier Service Center - Primary contact: N. Peter Armitage,, 410-516-0214

Homewood Flow Cytometry Resource - Primary contact: Michael McCaffery,, 410-516-3321

Instrument Development Group - Primary contact: Dr. Stephen Smee,, 410-516-7097

Integrated Imaging Center - Primary contact: Michael McCaffery,, 410-516-3321

Physical Sciences Machine Shop - Primary contact: Dr. Stephen Smee,, 410-516-7097

Physics & Astronomy Fabrication, Processing, and Measurement - Primary contact: Yufan Li,, 410-516-8092

Ramen Spectroscopy Service Center - Primary contact: Natalia Drichko,, 410-516-5390


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