ICTR Research Nutrition

Overview of Services

The Research Nutrition Core will provide investigators with a staff of highly trained experts to advise, administer, and construct a variety of novel approaches in the areas related to food nutrition, assessment and body composition. These services will enable investigators to remain focused on their area of expertise and reduce the need to reinvent the wheel when conducting research in nutrition or food related components. It will preserve the economic efficiency of research grants and encourage a highly credible and reproducible research tools and to contribute to the important research findings promoting medical advancements. Nutrition Research Services include but not limited to

  • Comprehensive Clinical Nutrition Assessment: This is conducted by diet history, measurements, nutrition assessment, counseling, education, and follow-up
  • Dietary Assessment: In the form of 24-hr recalls, food records, technology based questionnaires, food frequency questionnaires.
  • Anthropometrics and Body Composition Assessment: Skinfolds, Circumference Measurements, Calipers, Bioelectrical impedance (BIA), DXA
  • Energy Assessment: Calculated equations, indirect calorimetry
  • Meals and Specialized Diets: Standard boxed meals serves participants who usually for long visits in the CRU, calculated and/or specialized transportable boxed meals – specific nutrient controlled meals for special testing for pharmakinetic studies, PET breakfast (400 Kcal meal) and/or High Calorie/high fat meals for CF populations who require nutrient dense meals, Allergy meals (usually require outside procurement), Kosher meals, etc. Specialized meals – Nutrient specific, % of macronutrients, weighed meals for exact dietary consumption and calculation. High intensity meals – Food Array of 9000 kcals – prepared hot, weighed, measured back after consumption. Finally, feeding studies of multiple days of packed out foods for free-living research subjects.
  • Specialized tastants and supplements: Sugar and salt solutions – specifically looking at taste acuity in morphine addiction, Sugar and Fat solutions – for post bariatric study taste preferences, Protein whey and placebo supplement preparation for home dosing.
  • Allergy Oral Food Challenges: Placebo and active, medium, multiple levels of intensity.
  • Research protocol Consultative Services: Protocol development and design, data management, data interpretation, publication assistance


Susan Oh- Director

ICTR Research Nutrition Core

susanoh@jhu.edu, (410) 955-5189

Liz Wilkins- Research Kitchen Supervisor

ewilkins1@jhu.edu, (410) 614-5385

Nicole Cooper- Sr. Administrative Manager

ncooper2@jhu.edu, (410) 550-1881

Location and Hours of Operation

Hours Location

Sunday- Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm

Sunday-Friday, 7:00am-7:00pm

Monday-Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm

Osler 5 and Carnegie 3 East Baltimore/JHH Campus

Bloomber 9 North JH Children's Center

301 Building, Bayview MC JH Bayview Medical Center Campus

Links and Resources

  1. Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR) Nutrition Website


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Nicole Cooper, BS


Nutrition pt visits- Clinical

East Baltimore/JHH
Research Meals-Bloomberg
Food Service

JH Children's Center
Research Meals-Osler/Carnegie
Food Service

East Baltimore/JHH


Research Nutrition - Bayview
Clinical and Food Service