TracE Analytical Metals (TEAM) Core

Overview of Services

The TracE Analytical Metals (TEAM) Lab in the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health houses the only ICP-MS in the medical campus, which includes ten departments in the School of Public Health (JHSPH), and 30 departments at the School of Medicine (SOM) alone. The TEAM Lab currently houses an Agilent 8900 ICP-MS, an Agilent 1260 HPLC system, and a CEM Mars 6 Microwave digestion system. The TEAM lab has been operating as a core facility and providing accurate, sensitive, and reliable trace metal analysis for biomedical research in the mid-Atlantic region since 2006. Our lab has a Public Health focus and expertise and has specialized in the analysis of multiple matrices including clinical (e.g., urine, saliva, blood) animal (organs, tissue, blood) and environmental (water, soil, aerosol, particulate matter, food).


Ana Rule, PhD | Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday

9am - 5pm


JH Bloomberg School of Public Health

615 N Wolfe St, E6210

Baltimore, MD 21205


Name Role Phone Email Location
Ana Rule
BSPH E6614
Jana Mihalic
Sr Grants and Contracts Analyst
BSPH E7534
Sandra Albornoz Marin
Research Associate
BSPH E6612