SKCCC Experimental Irradiator Core

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  • Maintains and operates sources of ionizing radiation and xray irradiators for use by Cancer Center Members in their experimental studies
  • Established in 1986
  • Provides radiation services for in vitro and vivo experiments. Services include training in the operation radiation machines, advice to users on the design, dosimetry and best machine for their application, operating the machines when necessary, and maintenance and repair of the resources.



Mohammad Rezaee, PhD., Resource Director



Marikki Laiho, MD, PhD Co-Director



Esteban Velarde, Core Manager


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday- Friday

8AM - 5 PM

Excluding Holidays


1550 Orleans street


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All unescorted irradiator users will follow the U.S Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Maryland Department of the Environment regulations for use of the experimental irradiators in the Kimmel Cancer Center. 


Those individuals requiring immediate use of the irradiators will need to work with someone that already has approved access (escort). It is mandatory that this approved person accompany you during your whole use of the irradiator. You may work with an approved person while you are applying for your own access.


If your use of the irradiator will be limited (3-4 times), you do not have to go through the approval process, but you will use the irradiator with someone already approved. If you do not have any approved person in your lab then please contact Esteban Velarde at for help.


If you have been in the US for less than one year, you cannot apply for unescorted access.


Everyone requesting unescorted irradiator access requires a background check and fingerprinting. This process can take up to 60 days.


To start the approval process:


1. Email Carl Granlund at with the following information:

   Name, email, lab, principal investigator, and date started with Johns Hopkins.


2. You will be emailed directions for completing an online security check.


3. You will be notified by email when the next fingerprint session is scheduled (one session per month).


When your background check and your FBI fingerprints/history are completed, you will be notified by email regarding your approval. If you have questions on the approval process please contact Carl Granlund, Radiation Control Unit at (443 28)7-7303.


Once you have received your Radiation Safety Clearance you are still required to contact Esteban Velarde at for proper machine training.

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Esteban Velarde
Core Manager

Mohammad Rezaee
Resource Director

Marikki Laiho


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