Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) Consulting Service

The Center for Clinical Data Analysis (CCDA) assists researchers with accessing clinical data for research purposes. Services include:

  • Preliminary, anonymous data for feasibility, grant applications and statistical sample-size estimates
  • IRB-approved case-finding–for study enrollment (mailings, phone solicitation), chart review, and cohort/case-control studies
  • Research data extracts – monthly/quarterly integrated extracts from Epic, EPR, Sunrise/POE, and CaseMix/Data Mart

The CCDA is staffed with experienced data analysts who will assist you with access to data while also helping you comply with Data Trust privacy and security regulations. 

Guiding Principles for CCDA

  1. Support JHM ICTR Research Architecture Development
  2. Provide timely, transparent support for the research community within stated terms, conditions, and resource constraints
  3. Minimize/eliminate data acquisition burden on Clinical Systems teams
  4. Follow Data Security, HIPAA, and JHM data management practices

Intake Request Form Process

The CCDA now uses iLab to track researcher requests. To submit a request for CCDA services, please click on the Request Services tab and follow instructions. You will be asked to complete a brief intake form so that we can capture your interests early in the project. Upon review of the intake request form, CCDA will provide you with an estimate of cost for work performed and resource hours. CCDA will provide the first 2 hours of data services at no cost. After a preliminary discovery session and potential first pass for cohort discovery, we will discuss findings and project estimates with you. The hourly rate for CCDA work is $84 for standard services and $100 for senior analyst services.

Why is there a charge?

We are trying to build an infrastructure that enables data through a secure, repeatable process that meets your needs, the institution’s values, and applicable privacy and security laws and policies. We looked at how comparable research institutions met this demand, and have determined to pursue this approach. Similar to the 20+ other service centers at JHU such as the Genetic Core, the Biological Repository, and the Training and Management Development programs, we have developed a no-profit, revenue neutral approach that aims to provide high quality, lowest possible cost service to the research community. This hourly cost includes analysts, database administrators, servers, software, and management.


To request services, please click the Request Services tab at the top of this page.


Dr. Christopher Chute
iCore Director
Phone: 410-955-0532


Dr. David Thiemann
Medical Director, CCDA
Phone: 410-614-5785


Diana Gumas
iCore COO
Phone: 410-614-7004

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

8:30 A.M. - 5:00 P.M        


1000 Lancaster St. Baltimore, MD, 21201

Links and Resources

  1. ICTR CCDA Web Page