Eukaryotic Tissue Culture Facility

Overview of Services

The Eukaryotic Tissue Culture facility supports JHMI researchers with the culturing of insect and mammalian cells. The facility operates with two service models: (1) a ‘assisted’ model, where facility staff carry out cell culture and expression for users, and (2) an ‘independent’ model, in which JHMI researchers use facility instrumentation. The facility is designed to provide JHMI researchers with space and equipment for eukaryotic expression and for training laboratory personnel, thereby avoiding a need for individual labs to set up their facilities for eukaryotic cell growth and protein expression.


The facility provides:
• Eukaryotic protein expression in BSL-2 tissue culture laboratory
• Laboratory equipment for insect cell and mammalian cell culture, including tissue culture hoods, refrigerators, chilled centrifuges, incubators, liquid nitrogen storage, microscope, cell counter, Centrimate tangential flow system.


Sandra B. Gabelli
Phone: 410-614-4145


James Berger


Yana Li
Facility Manager
Phone: 443-287-1995

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm 

Biophysics 306 (temporarily closed)
725 N Wolfe St
Baltimore, MD 21205

Hunterian 708-710
725 N Wolfe St
Baltimore, MD 21206 


Links and Resources

  1. Cell Culture Basics from Gibco-Invitrogen (animation)