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Phenocore, Phenotyping and Pathology Core

Overview of Services

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Mission: The Phenotyping Core promotes functional genomics and other preclinical translational science at Johns Hopkins, by assisting and collaborating in the characterization and use of genetically and phenotypically relevant animal models of disease and gene function, by:

  1. Preclinical research pathology support and collaboration, including anatomic pathology (macroscopic dysmorphology and histopathology), and clinical pathology.
  2. Training and education in animal model pathobiology, evaluation techniques, phenotyping strategies, especially for genetically engineered mice (GEM).

Services/collaborations include:

●               Anatomic Pathology (Preclinical, pre GLP, GLP);

●               Clinical Pathology (Preclinical hematology (CBC), Clinical Chemistry, urinalysis);

●               Body Composition by QNMR (EchoMRITM-100);

●               Faxitron® high resolution radiography;

●               Specimen Photography, macrophotography, photomicroscopy, morphometry;

●               Training in procedures, techniques.

Note: Grant supported (%FTE) collaborations should be developed for large and long term projects involving pathology. 

Pathology support and collaboration frequently involve acquisition, analysis and interpretation of data, as well as contributions to study design, images and manuscript preparation that warrant authorship. Johns Hopkins Policy on authorship should be followed, per:   




Cory Brayton, DVM - Director Phenotyping Core
Diplomate, ACLAM, ACVP
Phone: 410-502-3050
Email: **


Nadine Forbes-McBean, MS - Research Specialist/Lab Manager Phenotyping Core
Phone: 443-287-0917


Wendy Elza - Administrative Executive Phenotyping Core
Phone: 410-502-3050


** Email if you do not receive a prompt response to telephone enquiries.

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm  

733 North Broadway
Miller Research Building; Office 851
Baltimore, Maryland 21205 


Office Phone: 410-502-3050

Links and Resources

  1. Johns Hopkins Phenotyping (and Preclinical Pathology) Core (Additional resources, laboratory manual, course information)
  2. Behavioral Core at the School of Medicine (Neurobehavioral Phenotyping MRB/BRB)
  3. Johns Hopkins Ocology Tissue Services (TMA, Digital Imaging and Immunohistochemistry)
  4. Centralized Service for Metabolism Research (CSMR - Metabolic Phenotyping)
  5. Center for Resources in Integrative Biology (CRIB - Metabolomics, Mass Spectrophotometry etc)
  6. Small Animal Imaging Resource Program (SAIRP – Imaging MRB/BRB)
  7. Transgenic Core Johns Hopkins (targeted mutations, transgenesis, rederivation)


Name Role Phone Email Location
Cory Brayton, DVM
Miller Research Building; Suite 851
Nadine Forbes-McBean, MS
Phenotyping Core Research Technician
Miller Research Building; Suite 852
Wendy Elza, BA
Administrative Executive Phenotyping Core
Miller Research Building; Suite 851

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