Center for Proteomics Discovery


The Center for Proteomics Discovery has been closed for future business as of January 1, 2018.  Going forward, only analysis on current projects will be completed.  


If you would like to explore other options for Mass Spec and Proteomic work at JHU, please see the Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core site within iLab or contact the Director, Robert N. Cole, Ph.D.,

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Protein Profiling (7)
PTM identification from a gel band or a purified protein (1)
Global PTM : Phosphorylation (4)
Global PTM : Phosphotyrosine (5)
Global PTM : Acetylation (5)
Global PTM : Ubiquitination (1)
Global PTM : Methyllysine/Methylarginine (4)
Global PTM : Histone code elucidation (2)
Custom analysis (11)
Global PTM : N-glycosylation (5)
Targeted analysis of peptides (1)


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