SKCCC Common Equipment Core

Overview of Services


The Common Equipment Core provides access to various pieces of shared equipment within the CRBI, CRBII and Bond Street complex.

  • Autoclaves
  • Film Processors
  • Real-Time PCR
  • Cryo Storage
  • Centralized Liquid N2 Facility for individual cryo units




Jeffrey Smith, Manager

Phone: 410 614-2299

Eric Davis, Research Services Coordinator

Phone: 410 502-9544


Getting Started


  • Sign up for a new account using the link in the upper right hand corner, or click here.


  • Login with your approved JHED credentials.



Location and hours of operation


All equipment is available 24/7 unless otherwise noted in the description.




Location: CRBI Room 239


Contact:  David Lee, 410 955-7554

             CRBI Room 216

Contact:  Michael Collector, 410 614-5037

             CRBII Room 554


For PIN’s and access issues contact Eric Davis, 410 502-9544, CRBII Room 537A



Film Processors


Location: CRBI Rooms 117, 365, & 529.

               CRBII Room 525 


Contact: Eric Davis for Service Calls, 410 502-9544 

               Simy Buckwold, 410 502-5144


Real-Time PCR


Location: CRBI Room 121. 


Technical Assistance Contact: Mary Jo Fackler, 410 614-3441


Cryo Storage & Sample storage. 


Contact: Eric Davis, 410 502-9544



Centralized Liquid Nitrogen Facility


Location: CRBI G06              

Availability contact: Jeff Smith, 410 614-2299



Campus Map



Name Role Phone Email Location
Eric Davis
Core Coordinator



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