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SKCCC Central Processing Core

Overview of Services

The Central Processing Core provides a centralized resource for the collection and processing of blood, bone marrow, and tumor specimens from patients with malignancies as well as samples from normal volunteer donors. The Core was established to facilitate and support the ongoing laboratory and clinical research within the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins (SKCCC) and continually modifies its services to meet the
changing needs of the Center's investigators.

The specific aims of the Central Processing Core are to: 1) centralize accessioning of patient specimens; 2) provide routine and study specific processing of specimens utilizing standard laboratory procedures; 3) safely store specimens until analysis; and 4) provide expertise and support for investigators regarding correlatives collection, handling, processing, storage and shipment. 

The Central Processing Core maintains a secure, relational database that includes detailed information on the handling and processing of the sample, along with pertinent clinical and demographic data that correlate to the specimen.


M. Victor Lemas, PhD, Faculty Director

Karie Brooks, Operations Director

Robin Stewart,  Program Studies Manager

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

7:30AM  – 7PM


Caroline St Bldg

Bond St RM. 304

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Robin Stewart
Program Studies Manager
550 building, 8th floor
Karie Brooks
Operations Director
302 Bond Street Labs

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