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SKCCC Flow Cytometry Core

Overview of Services


The SKCCC Flow Cytometry Core facility strives to provide technical expertise and instrumentation to enhance the quality of interdisciplinary research across JHU. Services include cell sorting, basic training in flow cytometry principles and instrument operation, panel design, and acquisition and analysis of data.


Services Overview:

  • Consultation
    • Experimental design
    • Multicolor panel design
    • Data analysis
  • Cell Sorting (temporarily not available)
    • up to 4-way collection of bulk populations
    • single cell sorting into 6, 24, 48, 96, and 384 well plates or onto slides  
  • Training
    • Flow cytometry principles
    • Instrument operation
    • Data Analysis Techniques
  • Contract Research
    • Custom flow cytometry assays designed and conducted by our trained staff
  • Acquisition and analysis of data

Equipment Overview:

  • Analyzers:
    • BD Fortessa 
    • BD LSRII
    • CytoFLEX
  • Cell Sorter:
    • BD FACSAria II


Acknowledgement Policy

This Core is supported through the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center National Cancer Institute P30 CA006973 Center Grant. 

Cancer Center members should reference CCSG funding (NCI CCSG P30 CA006973) on all cancer center publications where SKCCC Core services are used. 

Acknowledgement of the core facility in all publications which utilized the service of the core is customary and appreciated, as it is used as a metric in determining future funding.


M. Victor Lemas, Ph.D. | Core Director 

Xuan Yuan MD | Core Manager


Location and hours of operation 

Hours Location

10:00 AM-6:00 PM

Monday through Friday    

Except Holidays

CRBI Room G38




Links and Resources



Name Role Phone Email Location
Xuan Yuan MD,MS
443 287 6081