SKCCC Microarray Core


The Experimental and Computational Genomics Core (ECGC) at SKCCC now includes new capabilities for Agilent and Illumina EPIC array analysis, Next Generation Sequencing, and Bioinformatics in order to provide integrated services and educational opportunities for the Oncology Center and the broader Johns Hopkins University community.Overview of Services

Overview of Services

  • Agilent 60-mer oligo arrays with single or dual-color labeling which allows for RNA differential expression, DNA copy number alteration, and gene regulation at promoter regions.
  • Illumina iScan and BeadChip service provides array tools to detect genome-scale differential DNA methylation and copy number variation (CNV)/single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) using genotyping assays.
  • In-house array printing service offers custom oligonucleotide, PCR fragment, or DNA clone spottingonto glass slides.

Our services include assistance with your experimental design, as well as RNA or DNA isolation from a variety of biological samples.



Kornel Schuebel, Ph.D.

Resource Director



Leslie Cope, Ph.D.

Computational Biology and Biostatistics


Jennifer Meyers

Senior Lab Manager


Hai Xu

Specialist/Senior Technician


Liping Suo

Lab Technician


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

9 am - 5pm

Monday - Friday



CRB2, 113





Name Role Phone Email Location
Kornel Scheubel, PhD
Resource Director


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DNA-Methylation (3)
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Sample Isolation/Preparation/Quality Check (8)
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